Frequently Asked Questions

When would I need a Startup Brand?

When you have a concept in place for a product, a community, a podcast or a service and want to launch that service fast without having to spend months looking for a designer or wasting money on an agency. Startup Brand is perfect for both, B2B and B2C products & services. We’re perfect for startups looking to get funding.

How and where would I use my Startup Brand?

You can use your new visual identity from Startup Brand straight away. Most of our clients start using it for their website & their social media channels.

How much time and effort do I need to put in?

All in all, you should expect to invest 2.5 hours from application to your finalised visual identity by Startup Brand. You can apply for Startup Brand via online questionnaire or via phone. The application process takes between 10 - 30 minutes. Once we accept your application and confirm a start date, we need between 1.5 - 2 hours from you.

Why do I need to apply?

We receive many requests per day and can’t create a Startup Brand for everyone. This means we have to pick and choose who we work with and who not to work with. We have an average of 4 slots per month.

Can I meet you in person?

No, we have digitised our communication process. You’ll meet with our Creative Director in a video call. Whether you want to stay in touch via phone, email or WhatsApp is entirely up to you.

What if I don't like your design directions?

This happens very rarely, but if it does, you have two options:

A. Continue to work with us within a new, extended timeframe and additional budget of $600, which will guarantee you at least two more logo directions.

B. Cancel the project and not pay the second instalment - the remaining $1,500. This way you won’t be able to use any of the design assets we have already created.

Do you outsource design projects?

Over the last years we have built long-term relationships with fully vetted designers and all of our designers are on a retainer with Startup Brand.

Can you sign an NDA?

Yes, no problem. Just send us the details via email —

What is the payment process?

We require a $500 deposit to secure your space & kick-off date. We can’t secure your spot until we have received that. The remainder of $1,500 is due prior to hand-over on day five. No exceptions.

Before we set the kick-off date, we have created and signed a contract, and you should have the first payment of $500 made.

Then, on delivery day 5 (usually a Friday), we require the second payment right before we send you the entire package with ready-to-use and source files.
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Startup Brand helps founders, makers & creators brand their startup in 5 days, with done-for-you premium visual identity design for a a fixed price.
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